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The S48TL-1 with its unique automatic swing arm operation and patented variable height turntable is designed to meet the demands of today’s market.

The S48TL comes as standard with a patented lever-less mounting/demounting tool head. The height of the mount/demount head is set using lever-less pneumatic control. When changing wide Tyres on Tyre changes with a single height turntable, the top of the wheel rim is so high that it is at an uncomfortable and inefficient height, making it difficult to fit and remove Tyres. Not so with the S48TL, by simply lowering the variable height turntable, the top of the wheel rim is positioned at an ergonomic height, making the fitting operation simple.

The back post on the S48TL has been specially positioned to allow the fitting of more specialist wheels and Tyres. Assemblies with an overall Tyre diameter of up to 44” as found on the larger off-road vehicles can be changed on the S48TL. Like all Sice heavy duty models, the S48TL is fitted with two control plates to operate the rim clamping mechanism, this system ensures concentric clamping of the wheel, greatly reducing the risk of rim damage on even the toughest of tyre and wheel assemblies.

The adjustable bead breaker blade and large Tyre test pad ensure that the bead breaker blade is always at the correct angle regardless of the rim width, this means maximum bead breaker power. The two speed 1 phase inverter-fed motor results in fast and efficient tyre removal.

New Automatic tyre changer with lever-less technology
Automatic swing arm saves re-positioning time and space
Lever-less pneumatic control
Self-centering four-jaw chuck
Turntable positioning adjustable in height (patented)
Two pneumatic clamping cylinders
Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the turntable through 2 speed, 1 phase electric inverter motor
Electric supply 1 phase with motor-inverter

Double speed of the turntable (smooth ramp)

Double acting bead breaker cylinder
Three-way adjustable blade angle and enlarged wheel pad


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